Editorial guidelines 
HyperSubmit is not responsible for indexing a URL for any reason including without limitation the following:
  • The posting of content or the offering of products or services that may be or are illegal.
  • The fraudulent use of the Service.
  • The infringement of the rights of a third party.
  • In response to a court order or other judicial or governmental request or action.
 SPAM guidelines 
HyperSubmit is not responsible for indexing a URL if we detect evidence of misuse of our service. Misuse of services may take the form of any deceptive, misleading or otherwise inappropriate act or web page designed to undermine (a) our services, or (b) the validity or credibility of Search Engine results. Acts of Spamming and Churning may take many forms, all of which fall within the scope of "misuse." The following are examples of forms of Spamming:
  • URL's which harm accuracy, diversity or relevance of search results
  • URL's whose sole purpose is to direct the user to another page
  • URL's which have substantially the same content as other pages
  • URL's for sites with numerous, unnecessary virtual hostnames
  • URL's for pages which automatically generate other pages of little value
  • URL's for pages that use methods to artificially inflate search engine ranking
  • URL's for pages that hide or disguise text from the user
  • Spider spoofing - serving a different page to a spider to index than is served to the real user (cloaking)
  • Cross-linking sites excessively, to inflate a site's apparent popularity
  • URL's for pages built primarily for the search engines (Doorway)
  • URL's that misuse names or trademarks of competitors
  • Employing multiple sites which each offer the same content
  • Employing highly similar pages - pages that appear from the search results to be highly similar
  • URL's for pages that are deceptive, fraudulent or provide a poor user experience
  • Abusing META keyword tags and/or META Descriptions
  • Abusing file path names; which is, naming domain, hostname, path and/or filenames exactly what the query says when the page itself is not about the subject matter of the query. These largely contains links to e-commerce-related/porn or other off-topic content
  • Submitting URL's for pages containing international Spam; which is inappropriately high relevancy for non-native language documents for native language queries